Whisperings of my Shadow

Image by Lukasz Szmigel via www.unspash.com

As a child, I played a lot of games with my shadow. We would play hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo, and sometimes, converse through the entire night about our adventures and obstacles, or how I have a crush on the girl sitting next to me.

As I grew up, I paid less attention to him, and more to myself. I moved on and made new friends, enjoyed new company, started a family. But he is always there for me. No matter the emotions, the weather, the pain or the joys of life, my shadow stands by me. The unwavering support, commitment and devotion, is unlike anything else I have experienced.

In the face of light he stands behind me, not wanting to take away the glorious joy of basking in the golden rays. He pushes me to test my limits without standing in my way or telling me when it’s enough, just silently beside me while I chase the joys of this world.

But when I turn from the light and move towards darkness, he casts his presence in front of me, reminding me that I am not alone to face the obstacles and difficulties in front of me. He always appears bigger than he actually is, ready to cover and devour all the undesirable things that may come my way. He is constantly two, three steps in front of me, acting as a warning to the danger that lurks ahead.

Thank you, my shadow, for not constricting me while I roam and seek new joys in life. Thank you, my shadow, for giving me the comfort and warmth that I am not alone while I am being engulfed by setbacks and problems.

Thank you, for just being me.

About Aaron Tan
Being a practitioner of positivity, Aaron is often engaged in self-development and building relationships with others. He has great passion for food and online gaming. Packs a punch on the soccer pitch as well!