100+ Top Move Management Risks – Episode 2, Project Team

Following on from episode 1, which investigated the impact of risks related to scheduling, episode 2 explores risks surrounding the Project Team. As always, we’re not pretending this is a comprehensive list – please contribute comments and ideas below. We’re trying to build a great source of inspiration for anyone looking at risk planning for a major relocation project.

Project Team

  1. Lack of an independent, experienced Move Manager
  2. Lack of understanding of roles and responsibilities
  3. Lack of team charter
  4. Lack of clear project owner / sponsor
  5. Lack of equal commitment to change management and logistics
  6. Poor communications between key players
  7. Vulnerability to company politics
  8. Illness / Loss of key players
  9. Leave / business travel of key stakeholders
  10. Key Supplier / vendor unable to continue trading
  11. Lack of centralised, controlled data sources and schedules
  12. Lack of commitment to version control
  13. Insufficient resources to support the project
  14. Increased stress levels amongst project team
About Michelle Morss
Michelle has been managing moves and workplace transition projects for the past twelve years and is still not really sure how that happened. Friends and family generally consider it the result of extreme masochism. Having graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA in Modern History, Michelle has a fire in her belly for feminist issues, independent travel, modern literature and the value of a well-crafted knitting pattern. Currently working in a regional consulting role based out of Hong Kong, but ex London, via Sydney.