Imbibe! Workplace Conference Drinking Game

Conference attendees have their own agenda when it comes to what they are looking for from an event. Based upon a quick mori poll of the team, I can confirm (with some relief) that everyone’s primary goal is to learn something new about the industry and what folks are up to in other parts. Others were keen to catch up with industry pals and expand professional networks, but one lone brave voice suggested that it was a great opportunity for getting a bit boozed. Yes, the modern reality of ‘have it all’ parenting means that many are relegated to business travel as an opportunity for a) a bit of a night out and b) a good night’s sleep.

In recognition of this modern malaise, I thought a workplace conference drinking game might be in order. Turn it into conference bingo for an option that is less likely to leave you waking up in someone else’s bath with a traffic cone on your head.

Take a drink when someone says:

  • Agile or flexible working
  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Change management
  • Locker
  • Pod or huddle
  • Neighbourhood
  • Hot desking or hotelling (then looks embarrassed)
  • Technology Enabler
  • Veldhoen or Duffy
  • Shelley Street or Macquarie Bank
  • Wireless power
  • “We haven’t finalised our BAU management plan for the new workplace”
  • How revolutionary staircases are….

Bonus points for:

  • Tweeting a picture of a sleeping delegate
  • Telling everyone about your new office fit out and its communal gathering spaces – G Spots
  • Someone pleading with the room to recognise the importance of change management, when everyone kinda worked that out 5 years ago…
  • A question poser who implies they know far more than the speaker
  • A self-styled celebrity speaker working the crowd
  • A cell phone ringing out loud – bonus bonus points for a One Direction ringtone
  • A presentation you’ve already seen before
  • Introducing yourself as a futurologist
  • Earnestly asking a furniture supplier how to spot the differences between a fixed and a flexible desk design
  • Admitting how much you love your pedestal, whilst flagellating and sobbing
  • Talking about yourself as a great example of a digital native, Gen Y worker, when you’re obviously a bearded 57 year old.
About Michelle Morss
Michelle has been managing moves and workplace transition projects for the past twelve years and is still not really sure how that happened. Friends and family generally consider it the result of extreme masochism. Having graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA in Modern History, Michelle has a fire in her belly for feminist issues, independent travel, modern literature and the value of a well-crafted knitting pattern. Currently working in a regional consulting role based out of Hong Kong, but ex London, via Sydney.